Thursday, July 28, 2016

Moonlit Flower Arrangement (no.137)

8" x 10" x 3/4", oil on linen mounted to masonite panel


The source photo for this came from a set of photos taken about 3 yrs. ago, one of which I used to paint "White Peony (no.100)".  I probably put it on the back burner because I didn't want to make two floral pieces so close together, but I think enough time has passed to not worry about that anymore.  I focused on making sure that the highlights on the white flowers never strayed too far from the electric blue I saw in the photo and also on not revealing too much of the vase as I liked the feeling of the flowers springing from an empty void.  For some reason the lower right area of the glass became incredibly stubborn toward the end.  I've said this before, but I find it's often the areas that seem like they're going to be the easiest that end up driving you nuts.  I had to force myself to slow down and study the physical properties of the highlighted water-filled glass in front of the drapery in order to figure out why it didn't feel right.   

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