Thursday, December 1, 2011

White Onion and Aquamarine Necklace (no.32)

8"x 8"x 1", oil on masonite panel

This is how it would look framed (actual painting does not include frame):  


This is still life #32 in my attempt at an ongoing "Painting A Day" challenge inspired by the likes of Duane Keiser and Abbey Ryan. I had had this image in my head the second I spotted the pile of white onions while perusing the produce section of my local grocery store.  I am deeply in love with high contrast paintings using a tiny bit of color while staying as close to black and white as possible and, much like my white pumpkin piece, I saw the opportunity to explore this with the onion.  I set this up on a shelf in our china cabinet. I like the dark wood against the off white wall and it also gets the perfect amount of light for a high contrast painting.  I held onto the onion for a while to allow the subtle sepia red tones to come out at the very top and through the outer most layer.  It is paired with an aquamarine birthstone necklace. 

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