Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Portrait of a Turret Lathe

32"x16"x2", oil on masonite panel

Just thought I would share another non-"paintbynumber" piece on here, this particular one being a very large and very old turret lathe I painted from an old photo.  It was done for a friend of mine who's generosity, along with his vast knowledge and collection of various woodworking machinery, has resulted in most of the painting surfaces used for the pieces you've seen on this blog.

The last time my girlfriend and I were over his house making panels she joked that I should start painting machinery (or something to that effect) and the aforementioned friend said "I'd buy it!", which also could have been a joke come to think of it...but anyway I saw it as something he would appreciate. I also saw it as a chance to paint something not quite heavily conceptual, but larger and more aesthetically intricate than the pieces I've been making.

I've also become fascinated with chiaroscuro paintings of machinery in extremely dark places, particularly because of the way you have to make sure the architecture of the machine is correct while only revealing the certain parts of the object that the light hits.  It forced me to pay more attention to one part connecting to another in a logical way and abandoning my normal painterly approach of doing what feels right whether it makes sense or not.  The sound structure of the machine combined with the large amount of negative space created by the heavy dark areas creates a very interesting compositional effect for me, which is an effect I was also going after in my previously posted cat/cube painting.

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