Monday, October 3, 2011

Shell Painting Tossed, Replacement Coming Up

After spending 3 days driving myself crazy trying to right the wrong that is the aforementioned conch shell painting, I am putting it aside and starting a new one that will hopefully be done sooner rather than later.  It's very difficult for me to move on when I notice a painting is starting to drag me down and frustrate the hell out of me, but one great thing about this exercise is the inability to obsess over a painting you no longer enjoy making if it is ruining your consistency.

I liken my response to a painting gone awry to a gambling addiction.  The more work and paint (and therefore money) I put into a piece, the less I want to give up and accept that I've wasted my resources for nothing, so I keep pushing until I've lost everything (in terms of time and paint anyway) and still have no painting to show for it.  It gets to a point where I feel the painting has taken control of me so I need to gain the control back, which can sometime lead to overcoming my difficulties and completing a painting I would've regretted not pushing to the end, but usually ends in frustration.


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