Friday, September 23, 2011

Ocean Tree at Clay Cliffs of Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard (no.12)

7"x7"x1", oil on masonite panel


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This is how it would look framed (actual painting does not include frame):

This is still life #12 in my attempt at an ongoing "Painting A Day" challenge inspired by the likes of Duane Keiser and Abbey Ryan.  It was taken from a collection of still lifes and landscapes set in Martha's Vineyard over the summer.  This was during our stop at the Clay Cliffs of Aquinna on a day trip to the different areas of MV.  The view was truly breathtaking and the weather was beautiful.  There was a kind of observation platform at the very top where one could get a great bird's eye view of the Aquinna coast and the Gay Head Light House in the distance.  I was almost overwhelmed with all the sights, frantic to catch them all on camera and make sure they were not hastily taken.  I eventually had to just calm down and make sure I was enjoying my present surroundings as much as capturing them for later.  This tree caught my eye hiding out behind one of the old gift shops along the trail.  I thought the sun was hitting the tree beautifully, and the golden mass of reeds and beach grass exuded the essence of the gentle ocean breeze; the silence and solitude of the cliff and the distant sounds of the waves thundering below.  

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