Friday, September 23, 2011

Back from Martha's Vineyard w/ a slew of inspiration

I got back from Martha's Vineyard a few days ago now so I haven't had any time to post, but I do now, so, I'm posting.  I'm planning on working on some landscapes inspired by the beautiful sights I've taken in intermingled with some still lifes taken at the tiny gingerbread house we stayed at.  This is my first attempt at a traditional landscape in some time.

However, I'm finding myself enjoying landscapes much more than still lifes and will start branching out after Martha's Vineyard paintings.  I guess they are just more emotionally charged to me than the stills I've painted so far, and I genuinely loved painting this scene of a lone beach tree, just starting to be touched by the oncoming fall weather as you can see, I came across in Aquinnah, a southwestern area of the island right near Gay Head Lighthouse.  We stopped here on a daylong bus trip along with Menemsha and Edgartown, where I'll also be painting from.

In painting it I almost feel like I'm reliving it, although I was careful while there to try to stay in the moment and not get wrapped up in capturing the moment for later.  Anyway, it's good to be back and more to come...

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